Can I come shop at Martin & Joe's Meats?

Martin & Joe's Meats is located at 42452 Mound Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48314.  The location is a distribution warehouse ONLY.  There is no retail storefront.  
      When do I need to submit my order
      All orders should be submitted at least 6 days before the actual workshop.
      When will I receive my order?
      All orders will be delivered one day before scheduled workshop date since shipments can arrive as late as 8pm. With the exception of Monday workshops they will be delivered the day of.

      What is the radius for where Martin & Joe's will ship?

      Martin & Joe's Meats currently ship to  limited states within the United States.

      Please see our Shipping Page

          Can I change or cancel my order?

          We'll do our best to accommodate you. If you'd like to change or cancel, call us right away at 586-991-7654. If your order has already been prepared for shipping, we'll be unable to make changes.


          Can I make substitutions to the menu's?

          Some of our menus do not allow substitution options. If a menu has pork or seafood we do offer the option to substitute: Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast


          What is in the Bundle?

          We carefully cut and trim by hand your specific bundle and package to precise portions according to your menu of choice. You will receive approx. 20-25 pounds of meat and 10 ziplock bags.


          How is the meat packaged to keep it fresh during delivery?

          We have carefully tested the isolation and packed the meat so it will stay fresh during shipping. Each dinner will be cut, individually air sealed fresh then packed in a foam cooler with ice packs the day of shipping to insure your order is fresh. Be sure to refrigerate your meat the day it is delivered.

          Where does the meat come from?

          Please see our Our Meats page.

            How do I get my meat after I have ordered it?

            Martin & Joe's Meats ships your meat right to your home, work or school. It will be shipped to you using UPS delivery, so you can be sure your meat will get to you quickly.


            How long can I refrigerate the meat before I have to freeze it?

            We highly recommend you consume or freeze your meat at the latest 2 days after arrival at your home as it is fresh cut meat, and has never been frozen. This will also be noted on your receipt.


            What if I live in an apartment?
            You need to be aware of your apartment complex process in receiving packages. Please don't forget your apartment number.

                  Can we order via phone?

                  We currently don't accept phone orders. All orders must be placed through our online store.


                  Will you share my phone number and email address?

                  NO. Your personal information is safe with Martin & Joe's Meats. Please read our Privacy Policy.