Our Story

For over 10 years brothers Martin and Joe have helped families put delicious meals on the table by offering natural hormone free and organic meats, great customer service and a convenient shopping experience.
Starting in a storefront butcher shop over 10 years ago we’ve taken the task to heart and have grown to now working only from a distribution warehouse become leading suppliers to local restaurants, local markets and serving families at dinner tables across the states.
A lot has changed since we opened our first store over 10 years ago but our commitment to quality meats and to our customers hasn’t. We are now a fully operating warehouse shipping portioned, trimmed and air sealed meat bundles for your selected menu.
Were passionate about bringing you the very best food; for us, that means fresh natural meats that you can feel good about serving.
That’s why we’re changing to become even better at what we do by offering a way to share this resource outside our local delivery area. So that we can continue to meet your needs and make great meals happen – every day.
No matter what you need, we will keep it simple, from cutting board-to-table, so you still have time for the important things. But to help you, we have a team of passionate, real meat experts to understand your needs and supply the best meats to go with your selected menu.