Martin & Joe's Shipping

How your meat bundle will arrive.

Cut and trimmed to your specific order

Packaged and cryovac sealed

Extra zip lock bags

Shipped in a reusable/recycleable cooler with ice packs

Welcome to Martin & Joe’s Meats

Martin & Joe’s Meats is a source to provide families with the freshest antibiotic, hormone free and organic meat straight to your door step. All of our meats are cut by hand fresh the day of shipping to a precise portion, packaged and air sealed according to your chosen menu. 

It’s like working with your hometown butcher, without the added retail storefront cost or the trip to the store. The best part? We ship it all right to your door so you can save time, effort, money all at once. No prep. No mess. No knives. No cutting boards. No trip to the grocery store. Just a few clicks on our website and you are done! 

We thrive to have our customers enjoy the quality of fresh meats we provide for their families. Our customers find that our prices are competitive with their local grocery store, except that they do not have to do the prep work!

Martin and Joe’s meats makes meal planning even easier which is why we are pleased to be able to offer this resource outside their local delivery area.